lf-ro2007 si critica negativista media

Scriu pentru ca au fost 2 articole post-ladyfest in presa mainstream – care au si fost cam singurele (in afara de alte cateva anunturi care informau ca festivalul are loc intre…, la… si contine…) – 2 articole care m-au dezamagit prin continutul negativist si abordarea critica mai mult destructiva decat orice altceva.

failure is impossible

revino mai tarziu pentru mai mult…

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an image and its message

apropos of the old “sexual politics of meat” debate…

here is a classic misogynistic illustration used to promote meat by telling us to “break the dull beef habit” (by imagining a woman‘s body made up of “tender juicy” beef cuts);

and here are two possible ways of making use of that image in order to promote vegetarianism:

  • peta‘s take, which casts a real woman in the same pose, makes the same “cuts of meat” markings on her body and just adds the text “all animals have the same parts”:
  • an example of what i would consider a critical take, whose message to the viewer is no longer a plea to look at a cow’s body in the same way as at a woman’s body and viceversa, but rather to STOP viewing anyone – human and non-human animals alike – as being made up of “cuts” and ready for consumption, because we all should have the same right to bodily autonomy and integrity (the ecofeminist message):
  • women and tech stuff

    because unfortunately the tech-related discussions planned for ladyfest were all cancelled in one way or another, i’m listing here the materials i’d prepared for some of it, in case someone finds them useful as resources:

    Call for Papers: Queer Studies Easter Symposium 2008

    Call for Papers: Queer Studies Easter Symposium 2008

    23 March – 29 March, 2008
    Mexico City

    Deadline for submission of paper proposals: 15. November 2007

    The International Society for Cultural History and Cultural Studies (CHiCS), AIDSinCULTURE.org and Enkidu Magazine in Mexico City invite the global community to a vibrant and exciting multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual and multi-cultural Queer Studies Easter Symposium in Mexico City in March 2008.

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    Call for Papers : Writing Lesbian Culture: Theories and Praxis’

    (closing date for proposals is 14th of december)

    Lesbian Lives XV: Friday 15 – Saturday 16 Feb 2008

    Writing Lesbian Culture: Theories and Praxis’

    A 2-Day, International, Interdisciplinary Conference to be held at the Women’s Education, Research and Resource Centre (WERRC), School of Social Justice, University College Dublin, Ireland

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