The Feminist Poster Project: Call for action – call for contributions!

The Feminist Poster Project: A space to find + share feminist posters

The Feminist Poster Project is a new initiative to encourage designing, printing, sharing and distributing feminist posters and putting up them in public places. Sexist advertisement and misogynist media are all around us. If we want to fight this patriarchal propaganda, we have to produce our own images and messages. I would like to see feminist posters on walls, feminist signs over sexist ads, feminist stickers on street signs and feminist postcards in our letterboxes. I would like to see a change in our environments and a change in people’s minds. I hope the Feminist Poster Project can help to achieve this.

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deschiderea expozitiei papergirl! (14-30 august)

papergirl expo posterlucrarile adunate pentru proiectul papergirl vor putea fi vazute pentru 2 saptamani, inainte de a fi impartite oamenilor pe strada:

Timp de 6 luni am strâns lucrările pe care acum, în cea de-a doua etapă a proiectului vă invităm să le vedeţi.

Prin urmare, pe 14 august deschidem expoziţia care va fi găzduită timp de 2 săptămâni, în Home Mătăsari.

… Avem mai mult de 80 de artisti prezenţi în expoziţie şi mai multe sute de lucrări pe care le puteţi răsfoi.
Iar dacă te-ai hotărât mai târziu că ai vrea să participi, adu-ne lucrările tale şi lasă-le în cutia poştală de la intrare!

detalii pe site-ul ro.papergirl

update: coltul fia la expozitie si o poza mai de-aproape:

update 2: poza cu cineva primind prin papergirl o lucrare realizata la unul din atelierele fia:

why misogynists make great informants…

An article originally published in make/shift magazine (Spring/Summer 2010):
Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: How Gender Violence on the Left Enables State Violence in Radical Movements

… Despite all that we say to the contrary, the fact is that radical social movements and organizations in the United States have refused to seriously address gender violence as a threat to the survival of our struggles. We’ve treated misogyny, homophobia, and heterosexism as lesser evils—secondary issues—that will eventually take care of themselves or fade into the background once the “real” issues—racism, the police, class inequality, U.S. wars of aggression—are resolved. There are serious consequences for choosing ignorance. Misogyny and homophobia are central to the reproduction of violence in radical activist communities. Scratch a misogynist and you’ll find a homophobe. Scratch a little deeper and you might find the makings of a future informant (or someone who just destabilizes movements like informants do).

… Dismantling misogyny cannot be work that only women do. We all must do the work because the survival of our movements depends on it. Until we make radical feminist and queer political ethics that directly challenge heteropatriarchal forms of organizing central to our political practice, radical movements will continue to be devastated by the antics of Brandon Darbys (and folks who aren’t informants but just act like them). A queer, radical, feminist ethic of accountability would challenge us to recognize how gender violence is reproduced in our communities, relationships, and organizing practices. …

As angry as gender violence on the Left makes me, I am hopeful. I believe we have the capacity to change and create more justice in our movements. We don’t have to start witch hunts to reveal misogynists and informants. They out themselves every time they refuse to apologize, take ownership of their actions, start conflicts and refuse to work them out through consensus, mistreat their compañer@s. We don’t have to look for them, but when we are presented with their destructive behaviors we have to hold them accountable. Our strategies don’t have to be punitive; people are entitled to their mistakes. But we should expect that people will own those actions and not allow them to become a pattern.

We have a right to be angry when the communities we build that are supposed to be the model for a better, more just world harbor the same kinds of antiqueer, antiwoman, racist violence that pervades society. As radical organizers we must hold each other accountable and not enable misogynists to assert so much power in these spaces. Not allow them to be the faces, voices, and leaders of these movements. …

by Courtney Desiree Morris @ INCITE! Blog!
via Living Opposed to Violence and Exploitation

Interviu si carte: Heather Corinna (

Un interviu [en] cu Heather Corinna, fondatoarea site-ului Scarleteen – Sex Ed for the Real World
de Chally, cu blogul Zero at the Bone

(cartea ei S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-To-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide to Get You Through High School and College este un nou titlu care apartine mobilobibliotecii noastrez., multumim pentru donatie!)