Take Back the Blog! Blogswarm

Take Back the Blog! Blogswarm in support of the rights of women to participate fully in all aspects of our society, including specifically online in the world of blogging but indeed everywhere and at all times, day and night, without fear of harassment, intimidation, sexual harassment, online stalking and slander, predation or violence of any sort.

…and what exactly is a BLOGSWARM?
A “blogswarm” is when a bunch of people blog about the same crap ON PURPOSE! It is a premeditated thing, as opposed to the usual randomness that tends to rule the Internet. Order from chaos. Entropy. Call it whatever you want.

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blasts from pasts

the selecter, “three minute hero” (too much pressure, 1980)

joan jett, “bad reputation” (bad reputation, 1981)

phranc, “bloodbath” (i enjoy being a girl, 1989)

l7, “mr. integrity” (bricks are heavy, 1992)

bratmobile, “cool schmool” (pottymouth, 1993)

cibo matto, “sugar water” (viva! la woman, 1996)

ani difranco, “in or out” (living in clip, 1997)

call for photos from feminist org


samira_ahmed_l.jpgFawcett (UK) needs YOU!

Stand up for feminism by sending in a photo of yourself wearing a “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt.

We want to show that feminists come in all shapes, sizes, races, ages and sexes. What we have in common is a commitment to real equality between women and men.

There’s a prize for the best picture and at a special event on 12 September there will be an exhibition of all the photos of supporters and celebrities. You could find yourself on the wall next to Patrick Stewart or Shami Chakrabarti – check out our online gallery now.

Take pictures with your friends, family and colleagues, the more unusual the photograph the better. So far we have received pictures from Nepal, Canada, Italy and Cambodia !


doua stiri diferite din america de nord

in statele unite dreptul de a alege este periclitat de decizia curtii supreme din 18 aprilie privind legea ce interzice avortul asa-zis “cu nastere partiala” semnata de bush in 2003 si ulterior contestata, in timp ce mexicul legalizeaza avortul in primele 12 secole* de sarcina.

prin alte locuri:
– in polonia, “Woman Wins Case After Denied Abortion”, “Court censures Poland for denying abortion rights”
– in portugalia, “Government Legalizes Abortion”
– in marea britanie, “Growing Number of Doctors Refuse to Provide Abortion Services”
– in kenia, “Unsafe, Illegal Abortion Leading Cause of Gynecological Emergencies”

si sa nu uitam: the global gag rule

*”corectat” ulterior, e bineinteles primele 12 saptamini (primul trimestru)

activism pentru drepturile femeilor in iran

doua feministe iraniene au fost pedepsite cu inchisoarea pentru ca in iunie 2006 au participat la un protest “neautorizat” – reprimat violent – contra legilor discriminatoare ale statului iranian (o stire despre protest aici, despre protestul din tehran de 8 martie 2007 aici, cite ceva despre istoria miscarii pentru drepturile femeilor din iran aici).

stanga NON-trendy dar feminista

un comentariu de spiridush:

Nu cu mult timp in urma aparuse in Cotidianul un articol despre “comunismul trendy”, ma rog, despre non-inteleasa si non-populara stanga. Si-au dat cu parerea mai multi barbati “stangisti”, mai mult sau mai putin trendy de pe la noi. Au demontat orice asociere cu psd-ismele, dar evident, i-a palit amnezia si au uitat sa mai spuna ceva si despre femei si stanga, gay si stanga sau alte… (ok, au amintit ecologia).

Un articol mai putin trendy, dar mai interesant si cu mai mult “continut” despre stanga apare in Observatorul Cultural. Aici, autorul G.M. Tamas nu uita femeile.

“Stinga moderna nu poate fi altfel decit feminista. In Romania, dar si in alte tari, se remarca discriminarea nu numai fata de minoritati, dar si fata de majoritatea societatii: fata de femei. Trebuie concretizat principiul “salariul egal pentru munca egala” in privinta femeilor, iar din punct de vedere financiar trebuie sa se acorde o recompensa pentru munca depusa in menajul familial (wages for housework). Trebuie adoptata o atitudine ferma impotriva sexualizarii inegalitatilor sociale. Trebuie eradicate din sistemul de invatamint si din mass-media stereotipiile antifeminine, reducerea trupului femeii la o reprezentare anonima a dorintelor”. …

on feminization of poverty


Seventy percent of those living in absolute poverty in our world — that is starving or on the edge of starvation — are female. Not only that, in our wealthy United States, women and children are the mass of the poor and the poorest of the poor.

wage gap news: April 24 was the 11th Equal Pay Day
Various information and data on gender and economic status in Romania:

  • “Wage Determination and Gender Discrimination in a Transition Economy: the Case of Romania” (abstract)
  • Enlargement, Gender and Governance Report: Romania Summary 1
  • “The Feminisation of Poverty in Transition Countries: Evidence from Subjective Data”
  • “Gender and Political Periphery: The Romanian Case”
  • “Your Sex and Race Matter. Romani Women’s Employment in Romania: Fact Sheet 2006”; “Broadening the Agenda: The Status of Romani Women in Romania”
  • [ro]

  • “Raporturile de gen in contextul societatii romanesti”
  • Barometrul de gen 2000. Capitolul 5: Gen si economie
  • Anuarul statistic 2005 (INS): Piata fortei de munca; Veniturile, cheltuielile si consumul populatiei