feminist parody (in the mainstream, too)

alanis morissette, “my humps”


not sure if it’s more effective than pink’s “stupid girls”, which was based on a similar idea yet even more explicit in its critique, although problematic as well (and digestible enough to be on tv). but it’s pretty damn great (and hilarious), whether one likes alanis morissette or not, as a parody of a terrible, stupid song (must mention that peaches also does a thoroughly peaches-style cover of it called “my dumps”).

better yet, some more – and more radical – feminist parody/critique links:

  • “your revolution” by sarah jones [lyrics]
  • anti-american apparel: buy nothing day and clamor magazine
  • guerilla girls
  • big bad chinese mama
  • ladies against women
  • any other examples or relevant links?