a new favorite blog!

Barnyard Chorus
– an excellent Singaporean feminist and generally progressive group blog whose whole concept and approach i really love; from their “About us”:

Barnyard Chorus are a bunch of very concerned livestock members of the public that have a lot to say about the running of the world by our human and feral counterparts. And although through our writing we may not strike you as cuddly cute, we are actually quite friendly and amenable to letting you pet us for a minute, in exchange for a nominal treat.
Send your offer to peasant barnyard engineer, Farmer Plant’alot–let us think about it before we have our people call your people


it’s interesting that Singapore is currently working for legislation against marital rape, which is something we have only recently started to take seriously in Romania, as in many European states, actually – through the removal of the line in the penal code that absolved a rapist if he married the victim and the addition in the definition of aggravated rape of a line about “victims who are family members” – and which indeed is still missing in many countries (see also 2008 UNIFEM report, figure 5.3), and a problem including in the U.S., in spite of spousal rape being criminalized in all 50 states. anyway, i like the Barnyard Chorus because it’s very active(-ist) and current and informative, but also well written, thoughtful, diverse, and, yeah, funny.