assimilation vs liberation

“Assimilationists want nothing less than to construct the homosexual as normal – white, monogamous, wealthy, 2.5 children, SUVs with a white picket fence. This construction, of course, reproduces the stability of heterosexuality, whiteness, patriarchy, the gender binary, and capitalism itself. If we genuinely want to make ruins of this totality, we need to make a break. We don’t need inclusion into marriage, the military, and the state. We need to end them. No more gay politicians, CEOs, and cops. We need to swiftly and immediately articulate a wide gulf between the politics of assimilation and the struggle for liberation. We Continue reading

how to be an ally to your straight friends

The ever increasing trend of oppression against straight people in LGBT and queer communities has been worrying any person with a fragment of a conscious left unharmed by extreme heterophobic propaganda. It’s time for us to stop it! It’s time that we learn how to stop insulting straight people, how not to question their heterosexuality, how to learn to love their privileges (Because hating is bad! And it gives you ulcers!), and in short: how to be their allies. … 4. Learn to acknowledge straight people’s privileges. And to love them. The fact that straight people have privilege doesn’t mean Continue reading

voices of clients over those of sex workers

I Don’t Care About Clients by Olive Seraphim “… The point I am trying to make here is that if clients were contributing something valuable or even something innocuous to our movement, I could deal. Instead, they are perpetrating whorephobia. I fear that people who don’t know better will see posts like this and think these men somehow have more knowledge of our lives and the realities of our work than we do. After all, the conversations surrounding punters and activism are largely cisheteronormative, and most of these men bring their male privilege to the table, while not even being Continue reading

feminisme si delimitari

“si inca o invatatura pentru persoanele din grupuri marginalizate: privilegiatii care se auto-numesc aliati se solidarizeaza cu voi doar atata timp cat vorbiti frumos si neagresiv. Fiti recunoscatori, tineti tonul dulce si capul in pamant pentru ca ei sa-si poata face meseria de auto-intitulati salvatori atunci cand vor ei si cum vor ei! Si nu ii criticati in niciun fel sau din auto-numiti aliati devin auto-numiti aliati doar pentru alte persoane din comunitatea voastra – voi sunteti exclusi.” (alice c.) cind feminismul e despre mine, cei ca mine, si accesul meu la putere: calcatul in picioare al altora care nu Continue reading

on those “toxic” feminist disruptions and digital gentrification

… Only those with presumed safety in dominant society fear losing their privilege of comfort, along with possession and control over discourse in online spaces. People of color face real violence on the basis of their skin color. Black, brown, and gender non-conforming bodies even face police brutality, which shows that a lack of protection is normalized. In a world where whiteness means presumed innocence, safety, and entrance there is born a fear of anything contrary to unquestionable authority. The reaction white feminists are having to women of color feminists entering Twitter tends to problematize those who point out racism Continue reading

d.i.y. feminist spaces

We’d like to build spaces without harassment, without having to worry about jerks, and more ambitiously, with active encouragement to explore. The culture we’re developing supports making, learning, and teaching, which is a goal we share with many other hackerspaces. Ours is starting with a few extra values; intersectional feminism, support for feminist activism and strong respect for personal boundaries. We’re trying to build structures that help us form strong social ties and share responsibility. It’s very exciting. I know what you’re thinking. You want a feminist hackerspace full of creative, talented non-jerks near you! “The Rise of Feminist Hackerspaces Continue reading

noi legi pentru “violuri simple” si calea de parcurs pana la justitie restaurativa

O noua “Lege a Medierii”, initiata si promovata cu sarg de Alina Gorghiu – care se autointituleaza “Avocatul tau in Parlament” – va explicita posibilitatea solutionarii cazurilor de viol printr-un proces formal de mediere intre victima si agresor si va impune ca inainte de a depune o plangere penala (sau intr-un anumit termen de la declansarea procesului), victima sa obtina un certificat in urma participarii la o sesiune de informare despre mediere cu agresorul! Desi legea este discutata in parlament din primavara 2012, ea a trecut neobservata de publicul larg si de societatea civila pana de curand, cand stirea despre Continue reading