an image and its message

apropos of the old “sexual politics of meat” debate…

here is a classic misogynistic illustration used to promote meat by telling us to “break the dull beef habit” (by imagining a woman‘s body made up of “tender juicy” beef cuts);

and here are two possible ways of making use of that image in order to promote vegetarianism:

  • peta‘s take, which casts a real woman in the same pose, makes the same “cuts of meat” markings on her body and just adds the text “all animals have the same parts”:
  • an example of what i would consider a critical take, whose message to the viewer is no longer a plea to look at a cow’s body in the same way as at a woman’s body and viceversa, but rather to STOP viewing anyone – human and non-human animals alike – as being made up of “cuts” and ready for consumption, because we all should have the same right to bodily autonomy and integrity (the ecofeminist message):