calls for submissions: Social Analysis of Gender Diversity

Call for Submissions for a Proposed Edited Volume:
Transforming Sociology: Towards a Social Analysis of Gender Diversity

Dr Sally Hines:

Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds

Dr Tam Sanger:

Teaching Assistant, Queens University of Belfast

The Book Project

In recent years transgender has emerged as a subject of increasing social and cultural interest. Alongside a ‘cultural turn’ to transgender – signified by a rising focus on transgender within the media and popular culture – shifting attitudes towards transgender people in the UK are evident in the ‘Gender Recognition Act’ (2004), which enables transgender people to change their birth certificates and to marry in their new gender. These social, cultural and legislative developments reflect the ways in which transgender is acquiring visibility in contemporary UK society, and mark transgender as an important and timely area of social and cultural inquiry. Until recently, much of the scholarly work on transgender was developed out of the field of humanities, particularly in the US. Yet sociological studies in the UK are increasingly turning their attention to practices of gender diversity. The publication of several sole-authored monographs (Ekins, 1997; Ekins and King; 1996; 2006; Monro, 2005; Hines, 2007; Sanger, forthcoming, 2009) and a recent Reader (Stryker and Whittle, 2006) reflect a flurry of academic interest in transgender from UK social scientists. Further, across UK universities there are numerous doctoral and post-doctoral projects on transgender in progress.

This proposed edited volume aims to reflect the growing interest in practices of gender diversity within the social sciences in the UK, and strives to give voice to the breadth and variety of sociological studies emerging around transgender. In doing so, the volume will seek to articulate and develop a distinctly sociological perspective on gender diversity, which, while positively articulating gender multiplicity, is mindful of social, material and corporeal structures that impact on (trans) gendered experiences.

The editors seek proposals for book chapters that address a broad range of theoretical and empirical themes around transgender. The term ‘transgender’ is employed here in its widest sense; as an umbrella term that includes transgender, transsexual, bigendered and intersex people; transvestites, cross-dressers, and drag kings and queens. The call includes, though is not limited to, work that addresses the following topics:

Gender Diversity and:

· Aesthetics

· Citizenship

· Embodiments

· Feminisms

· Intimacies and Families

· Lesbian and Gay Theory and Activism

· Politics

· Sexualities

· Social Policy

· Queer Theory

Submission of Abstracts

Potential authors should submit:

A) A 500 word abstract stating the title of the proposed chapter, an outline of key themes/arguments, and a discussion the theoretical and methodological framework that will be employed

B) 5 key words

C) A brief author biography

D) A separate title page that includes full contact details.

Authors whose proposals are accepted will be invited to submit a full paper of 5.000-7.000 words on confirmation of book publication[1] .

The call welcomes work that is developed from PhD and postdoctoral research, as well as that from more established authors.

Deadline for Abstracts:

Abstracts should be submitted to: by Monday January 7th

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