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some excellent and thought-provoking recent pieces via Bitch Magazine blogs: “Feminist Intersection: On hipsters/hippies and Native culture” Lately I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with the hipsters and hippies, as well as the hippie/hipster “culture” at large, and have become increasingly annoyed at their depiction/co-option of my ethnicity as a First Nations person. […] I know my parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles have had to deal with this in their time and it’s certainly not a new thing –but it’s 2010 and not only does it still continue strongly to this day – it’s taken some interesting turns down Continue reading

“european person of the year 2010”: iana matei

“‘Europeanul Anului 2010’ este o hunedoreancă născută în municipiul Orăştie” Iana Matei a fost recompensată de o revistă de talie mondială pentru lupta sa împotriva prostituţiei juvenile, dar şi pentru salvarea victimelor traficului de carne vie. De la o adresă secretă din Piteşti, voluntarii organizaţiei „Reaching Out” salvează vieţile copiilor care cad victime traficanţilor de fiinţe umane. În fruntea lor este Iana Matei de 50 de ani, preşedinta şi fondatoarea organizaţiei, care şi-a dedicat şi chiar riscat viaţa pentru salvarea acestor copii. (via c.) “Europeanul Anului 2010 este romanca Iana Matei” — “‘Européenne de l’année 2010’: Iana Matei, l’ange des Continue reading

fwd: Ce inseamna ziua de 18 Octombrie pentru tine?

Pentru noi este Ziua Europeana de Lupta Impotriva Traficului de Persoane. “Fiintele umane nu sunt de vanzare” si pentru asta iesim in strada. Te asteptam alaturi de noi.

The Evil Behind The Smiles

Published: December 31, 2008 PHNOM PENH, Cambodia  Nicholas D. Kristof/The New York Times On the Ground Western men who visit red-light districts in poor countries often find themselves surrounded by coquettish teenage girls laughingly tugging them toward the brothels. The men assume that the girls are there voluntarily, and in some cases they are right. But anyone inclined to take the girls’ smiles at face value should talk to Sina Vann, who was once one of those smiling girls.

some recent things of interest/citeva lucruri recente

Dates for the 16 Days of Activism for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 25 November to 10 December 2008 25 Nov International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 01 Dec World AIDS Day 06 Dec Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre 10 Dec International Human Rights Day (Australia) Mayor of male-dominated town ‘sexist of the year’ Norway to introduce “Swedish model” Dear Friends, I just received the news that the Norwegian Parliament passed the legislation that prohibits the purchase of a sexual service – 44 votes vot, 28 against. The Law will come into force on January 1, Continue reading

Concerns over trafficking at Euro 2008

The Women’s Rights Committe at the European Parliament is tackling football and sex trafficking in two days of debate in Brussels. There is concern that Euro 2008 hosted by Austria and Switzerland is tempting traffickers to force more women into prostitution. The parliament committee will ask the European Commission what it is doing to prevent this. An EU plan adopted in 2005 includes details of specific actions to be regularly reviewed and updated. Two years ago, before World Cup in Germany, the committee launched the Red Card campaign against forced prostitution – claimed as a success. Slovakian Christian Democrat Anna Continue reading

the SAGE project / great statement re: legalizing prostitution

fwd sarah l., londonfeministnetwork list Standing Against Global Exploitation (SAGE) “The mission of the SAGE Project is to improve the lives of individuals victimized by, or at risk for sexual exploitation, violence and prostitution through trauma recovery services, substance abuse treatment, vocational training, housing assistance and legal advocacy.” SAGE was founded by Norma Hotaling, a woman who had experienced homelessness, addiction and prostitution, and in their own words: “Many of the STAR Center staff are survivors of sexual exploitation and/or are recovering addicts. Some of us also have incarceration experiences.” Q: Does SAGE support legalizing prostitution?

Scrisoare deschisa re: legalizarea prostitutiei

… Asociaţia Caritas Bucureşti împreună cu o puternică reţea de organizaţii non-guvernmentale au iniţiat un amplu program de informare şi conştientizare care atrage atenţia că prostituţia este o nouă formă de violenţă asupra femeii. Statisticile arată că rata mortalităţii şi morbidităţii femeilor implicate în prostituţie este de 40 de ori mai mare decât cea a populaţiei generale şi că aceste decese sunt aproape întotdeauna de tip violent, provocate de proxeneţi, traficanţi şi clienţi. Rata ridicată a mortalităţii, bolilor şi traumelor fizice şi psihice, demonstrează că guvernele trebuie să ia toate măsurile necesare pentru a elimina prostituţia, care este o formă Continue reading


Call for papers: Please distribute widely GENDER AND BORDERS/BOUNDARIES Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference At Manchester University June 27, 2008 In association with Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies/ University of Leeds Migration and Diaspora Cultural Studies Network Department of Theology and Religious Studies/University of Leeds Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies/University of Manchester This one day postgraduate conference seeks to examine issues of gender and borders/boundaries across a range of critical perspectives. We want to encourage innovative and interdisciplinary dialogues and welcome postgraduate students from a variety of disciplines, such as anthropology, cultural studies, gender studies, religion, sociology, psychology, politics, geography and Continue reading