campanii pentru cele 16 zile

2358.jpg In fiecare an, intre 25 noiembrie (Ziua Internationala de Lupta impotriva Violentei asupra Femeii) si 10 decembrie (Ziua Internationala a Drepturilor Omului) se desfasoara Campania internationala a celor 16 Zile de Activism impotriva Violentei asupra Femeii. [despre campania din 2006]

Pe 2007, tema aleasa este
“Eliminand violenta impotriva femeilor prin cererea de implementari si abordarea obstacolelor”.

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re: legalization of prostitution

(see also “Prostitution… give them all a share of it!” from the blog archives/lf zine — & in romanian: “Prostitutia… dati fiecaruia partea lui!” “MAI promite legalizarea prostitutiei?”, “Prostitutie I”, “Prostitutie II”)


*Not For Sale*
Women speak out about sexual exploitation in prostitution and trafficking
A video by Marie Vermeiren

The film (23 min) challenges the traditional views and myths on prostitution and sexual exploitation of women’s bodies. It includes interviews with women survivors of trafficking for sexual exploitation and prostitution, women sharing their life experiences and demanding governmental action and responsibility to combat violence against women, including trafficking and prostitution. The film is part of the joint project EWL-CATW on trafficking in women for sexual exploitation.

To see the film online:


‘It’s like you sign a contract to be raped’

If you believe their PR, Nevada’s legal brothels are safe, healthy – even fun – places in which to work. So why do so many prostitutes tell such horrific tales of abuse?
— The Guardian, Friday September 7, 2007

There is only one place in the US where brothels are legal, and that’s Nevada – a state in which prostitution has been considered a necessary service industry since the days when the place was populated solely by prospecters. There are at least 20 legal brothels in business now. Not so many, you might think, but these state-sanctioned operations punch above their weight in PR terms.

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international summer school “Human trafficking”, Iasi, Ro

The European Law Students’ Association ELSA Iasi is proud to invite you to the international summer school “Human trafficking”

The event has its location in the city of Iasi, Romania (an old and beautiful city situated in the north-east of the country) and is scheduled between 19 to 26 August, 2007.

By organizing an International Summer School on this topic, ELSA Iasi is intending to treat in an academical manner the international impact problem that is human trafficking, in order to increase the degree of knowledge that students in general possess now. This happens in the context of Romania as a country with difficult issues to face in this domain, and we are willing to create a basis for future project of international cooperation. The project has as target group students both from faculties in Romania and the whole world and it contains 5 days of classes, presentations, workshops, trainings (about 6 hours per day).

The workshops will deal with:
– Definition (sociological, legal) and history of human trafficking
– Ways of trafficking
– Children trafficking
– The international adoptions’ phenomenon in Romania
– Human trafficking relating to the phenomenon of poverty in undeveloped and developing countries
– Prostitution: in countries where it is legalized (study case: Holland ) and in countries where it is illegal (study case: Romania )
– Institutions and other activities of fighting against human trafficking, both national and international
– Ways of financing youth programs (with emphasis on “Youth in Action”)
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campanie/info anti-trafic

anunt pentru o actiune in londra – este o idee buna:

Go on the town on Saturday, May 19, 11am – and help the fight against sex trafficking

These days more and more lads’ nights out end up at lap-dancing clubs, ‘massage parlours’ and brothels. But how many of those lads know what’s really going on in these places?

Thousands of women in the UK are manipulated and coerced into prostitution every year. Women like Ellen, who was abducted in Albania and sold to a brothel in London’s West End, where she was forced to have sex with up to 40 men every day. If she tried to refuse, she was beaten, raped and threatened with death. She was 15 years old.

The Truth Isn’t Sexy
is a campaign highlighting this brutal reality, using posters and beer mats, which we need to get into as many pubs and bars as we can. …

We’d love you to join us on Saturday May 19, when our teams will be blitzing the watering holes of central London, to see if they’ll put up our posters and/or have our beermats on their tables. It’ll be a great way to spend a Saturday, and should get our message out all over central London. …

foarte util si informativ: articol despre miscarea anti-violenta si anti-trafic in bulgaria, probleme general valabile in europa de est [en]

recent: “Autoritatile romane: Victimele traficului o duc bine!”

lista lf-ro de resurse anti-trafic