[Fwd: Women Lesbian gathering]

please spread these flyers (es/en) in your region!

>>castellano por abajo>>

english version:

„Compañeras, we invite you to unite as we do and fight, for we together can build up a real autonomy, where we as women know, too, how we govern and how we govern ourselves; for it will be us to decide what we do.” (Quotation of a zapatist Compañera during the *First Meeting of the Zapatist Communities with the Peoples of the World* in December 2006)

*Dear **rebellious** women,*

An European WomenLesbianGathering is supposed to take place from the 28th of December 2007 to the 2nd of January 2008.

*The idea of the meeting is: *
– to exchange our experiences in social and emancipatory struggles,
– to discuss about possibilities and hindrances as well as the development, meaning and plurality of feminist forms of resistance,
– to exchange ideas of possibilities of international solidarity and support,
– to learn and teach creative abilities,
– to enjoy ourselves as well as to have fun and pleasure!
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The anarcha-feminist magazine RAG #1 (Dublin) – Rape Culture

Sexual violence is a huge problem in our society. Sexual assault is not something that happens to other people elsewhere but is something that has happened to a significant number of people in any community, group or setting. Yet sexual violence is rarely talked about, the extent of it is not widely known and outside the feminist movement it is seldom taken up as a political issue.

—- This article sprang from a case of rape in a community of activists which, in the various meetings, workshops and discussions that followed, forced people to try to deal with a problem which is usually hidden. The whole issue proved to be quite divisive. It became clear to anyone listening that sexual violence is something of which a shocking number of women have their own personal experience. Continue reading