Take Back the Tech 2007


What’s the issue

//Hundreds of women made private public by testifying about street sexual harrassment in the Blank Noise Project Blogathon in India.
In 2004, a multi-media messanging (MMS) clip of two teenage students engaged in a private sexual act was circulated and eventually put on sale by a third-party in a popular auction site.

//US: In New Mexico, the Domestic Violence Virtual Trial helps judges and court staff learn about issues and challenges in VAW cases, and compare rulings with colleagues.
In 2001, a man was charged with murdering his wife after he intercepted her email and learnt that she planned to leave him. Survivors of domestic violence search for support online and use untraceable, donated cell phones to ensure secure communication.
Best-selling video game, “Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas” encourages their millions of players to treat female sex workers as objects of aggression and murder.

//In South Africa, women survivors of violence gain skills in digital storytelling to share their experiences and courage.

//In Uganda, a SMS campaign called Speak out! Stand Out! is organised by WOUGNET to collect messages against VAW.

//In Quebec, feminists and communication rights activists are creating short video clips and comic postcards on VAW.

//In Malaysia, Burmese refugees are creating audiocasts on issues related to VAW and women’s rights together with Centre for Independent Journalism.

//Take Back the Tech UK: women’s organisations working to end violence against women tell their stories about using ICTs in their work.


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