… and these appeal to women, HOW?

gallery of sexist ads, parts 10^20 and 10^20+1:

“Alicia Silverstone Strips for Animals?” (yeah, of course PETA is involved)

“Pornography of War (Literally)”
as “bonus,” some more depictions of women being demeaned/abused that are making the rounds… because it’s all part of the same continuum:
Video of domestic violence
Blonda batuta de concubinul ei [Blonde beaten up by her live-in boyfriend]
(make sure to check out the “average joe” responses to these: “so what,” “she deserved it,” “why didn’t she just leave?” are among the mildest reactions to the video on youtube, and most of them, especially on the romanian site, are truly vile, misogynistic and violent… while the video is being sent around as a “joke”)

CAREFUL, links 3-5 contain images that could be seriously triggering!