“any skinny moderatly attractive bruntette would fill the hole”

another must read: “Ignorance abounds… on Youtube” @When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution – it’s really about a very common attitude towards female musicians… about how male-centric almost all rock music is (and more importantly is assumed to be), STILL!

ps: alison (vv) from the kills used to be in the punk band discount… and she was awesome!

must read

some excellent points on “the personal is political”

Obviously, what people mean but won’t spell out when they say, “It’s easier,” is that it’s easier to give into patriarchal pressure than not. It’s the same reason that a lot of women find it “easier” to do all the housework, though it seems at first blush that it would be easier to share the housework. I’ve called it the “Nagging Differential” in the past, which is that women have to do more work around the house no matter what—either they have to do all the work or all the nagging, and sometimes all the work is easier than all the nagging. […] it’s often smart for an individual woman to go along with the patriarchy. At the end of the day, resistance will cost you more than compliance, which is how oppression, you know, works.

couple all grrl bands

zimbabwe, lithuania

siren, netherlands

cinica, brazil

skilla, sweden (who can’t make it to bucharest)

dj combustion, sweden (who sadly also can’t make it)
short film “combustion, 5 years of kicking ass”:

music by these artists in right order (they have played live at combustion)
—————————————- —-
trash can entertainment are