Despre Eden

de Nita Mocanu
septembrie 2006

atelier de cusatorie
Odata cu proiectul “Made in Italy”, o colaborare intre Candida Tv (un grup de video activisti din Roma, Italia si grupul din care fac parte, D Media din Cluj (asociatie pentru media alternativa, am inceput discutiile despre delocalizarea firmelor italiene spre estul Europei si cum afecteaza aceasta situatie viata femeilor.

“The reality of foreign investment was very different from the initial promise: labor rules were not respected, working conditions were poor, the unions were absent, and many companies delocalized further east when wages began to increase, leaving the workers without a job from one day to the next. Many people left to work abroad rather than compete for jobs paying 70 euro per month at Italian firms in Romania. Italy has become the leading destination for Romanian migrants, with some 2 million workers, mostly clandestine. We thought it important to highlight this connection because public discourse in Romania has uncritically celebrated foreign investment as a panacea that would save the nation. This is even more true now, in the midst of a wave of EU euphoria and following the rise to power of a newly elected neoliberal government that has reformed the tax structure and labour code in order to attract more foreign capital.” “Memoirs of a Video Activist” by Joanne Richardson

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six easy steps to invincible ignorance

six easy steps to invincible ignorance.

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