six easy steps to invincible ignorance

six easy steps to invincible ignorance.

coffeeandink launches an exciting new product: tired of discussions of racism in literature, television, and film? worn out from the unexpected criticism of your leisure pursuits? exhausted by the effort of having to respond to each new argument carefully and conscientiously?
we can help!
we’ll teach you how to suppress discussion of racism in six easy steps. soon suppressing dissent will be so easy you can do it in your sleep!
especially designed for your online needs!
find out what how to suppress discussions of racism can do for you. in just 6 easy steps, you can make sure any discussion of race is so unpleasant that nobody will ever broach the subject in your earshot again.

1.control what your audience sees
2.attack the person, not the argument
3.argue against straw men
4.deflect attention away from the specific criticism
5.racism, however ugly, is better than the alternative
6.prove your opponent has mistaken some other quality for racism


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