zine symposium in warsaw

– announcement via chaosXgrrlz zine

Grrrlz and boyz!
On 19th of May we organize first zine symposium in Warsaw, and we wanna invite you for that event.

Basically, a zine (pronounced “zeen”) is a publication that is created by someone – or a group of like-minded people – who wants to express themselves in a cheap, personal, DIY format. As a zine editor (or “zinester”), you have complete control over the production, design, and content of your zine. It’s pretty fun. It may surprise you, but in Poland zine culture is quite strong, and the symposium will be a great chance to get know about it a little bit more.

On the whole world there are regular meetings of zine makers and zine lovers. Our zine symposium will be a party by which we wanna present the zine culture, independent book and comic publishings, distributions and zine makers and other paper-art creators. Also it which be a chance to get to know lots of independent initiatives and political, non commercial ideas.

We plan a whole day, free entrance party, during which there will be some workshops, lectures, presentations, as well as exhibitions, film presentations, freeshop, zine reading room and, last but maybe most important, zine and book fair
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