Radical cheerleaders need your help: fwd widely

Dearest Ladyfest,

Radical Cheerleading is often a part of workshops and performances at Ladyfests across the world and we were hoping for some help through your vast networks to get the word out about our project to document the last 10 years of Radical Cheerleading. Could you please post the following information on your myspace and/or pass the “call for submissions for the Radical Cheerleading Anthology” on to all those that you may think would be interested. Our first deadline for submissions is June 1st and is approaching fast.
If you have any suggestions on how to get more publicity and involvement in our book through feminist networks we would most appreciate your advice. look fwd to your response.
thanks so much.
cheers, brackin firecracker, jeanne vaccaro, aimee and cara jennings
please fwd/ post the following:

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