Campaign for Abolition of all Misogynic Gender Based legislation in Iran

[See also: a feminist protest in Tehran violently repressed, June 2006]
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8 March Women Organization (Iranian-Afghanistan), International Association of Advanced Women, Women’s Committee of the Iranian Association in London,

To all women who suffer from inequality

To all activists and organisations of the Iranian women’s Movement

In the last 26 years, Islamic legislation has deprived Iranian women of the most basic human rights. Forced veiling has reduced women to second class citizens. Honour killing is legal and women are condemned to hanging and death by stoning for “unchaste behaviour”.

Let us join forces and create a powerful united campaign to eradicate these unequal laws and Islamic punishments against women as soon as possible. Let us make our voice in opposition to these laws heard throughout the world. Let us create such a storm that no one would ever dare impose such retrograde laws on us.

If you are against death by stoning!

If you are against forced veiling!

If you are against prosecution and imprisonment of women!

If you are against lashing a woman’s body!

If you are against any form of patriarchy!

If you are against all the medieval laws of Iran’s Islamic Republic imposing inequality against women!
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Press release: Women against unjust laws organise march on International women’s day
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Portugal Abortion Referendum Fails, Government Moves to Legalize

See also: pre-referendum, an open letter regarding the issue (Romanian)

February 12, 2007: After a referendum on Portugal’s strict abortion laws failed due to low voter turn-out, the country’s Socialist government has announced that it will work to legalize abortion in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Portuguese voters yesterday decisively voted to liberalize Portugal’s extremely strict abortion law, but the results were considered invalid because only 44 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot; for a referendum to be considered binding, at least half of the country’s eligible population must vote. Currently, Portuguese legislation allows for abortion only in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy if a woman’s health or life is at risk. Women pregnant because of rape may be considered for an abortion until the 16th week.

Luis Marques Mendes, who heads the Social Democratic Party, remarked, “The will of the Portuguese must be respected,” the BBC reports, suggesting that opposition parties will not attempt to veto new legislation that would liberalize the country’s laws. Supporters of lifting the abortion ban cited over 23,000 illegal abortions performed yearly. Currently Portugal’s abortion practices are some of most restrictive in the European Union. … more

— from the Global Feminist Daily Newswire

and you’ll find yr place in the world, girl

the gossip, another best band ever:

standing in the way of control, 2005

  • “fire with fire”
    it ain’t the end of the world girl,
    you’ll find yr place in the world girl,
    all you gotta do is stand up,
    and fight fire with fire.
    big or small,
    it makes no difference,
    what part of town,
    or what shape yr in,
    all you gotta do is stand up,
    and fight fire with fire.

    oh oh oh,
    you gotta run run,
    we’re gonna find you,
    oh oh oh,
    you turn around,
    we’re right behind you,
    hey hey hey,
    then they’ll see,
    that the bigger we are,
    the harder they fall.

    no it ain’t the end of the world girl,
    you’ll find yr place in the world girl,
    all you gotta do is stand up,
    and fight fire with fire,
    in the end no one is innocent,
    big or small it makes no difference,
    get up, stand out and hold yr head up higher.

movement, 2003

  • “don’t (make waves)” (lyrics)

home alive compilation ii: flying sidekick, 2001

  • “i want it now”