Campaign for Abolition of all Misogynic Gender Based legislation in Iran

[See also: a feminist protest in Tehran violently repressed, June 2006]
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8 March Women Organization (Iranian-Afghanistan), International Association of Advanced Women, Women’s Committee of the Iranian Association in London,

To all women who suffer from inequality

To all activists and organisations of the Iranian women’s Movement

In the last 26 years, Islamic legislation has deprived Iranian women of the most basic human rights. Forced veiling has reduced women to second class citizens. Honour killing is legal and women are condemned to hanging and death by stoning for “unchaste behaviour”.

Let us join forces and create a powerful united campaign to eradicate these unequal laws and Islamic punishments against women as soon as possible. Let us make our voice in opposition to these laws heard throughout the world. Let us create such a storm that no one would ever dare impose such retrograde laws on us.

If you are against death by stoning!

If you are against forced veiling!

If you are against prosecution and imprisonment of women!

If you are against lashing a woman’s body!

If you are against any form of patriarchy!

If you are against all the medieval laws of Iran’s Islamic Republic imposing inequality against women!
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Press release: Women against unjust laws organise march on International women’s day

27 years ago, the most misogynist regime of the world took power in Iran. One of the foundations of this regime is its hostility towards women. Throughout the last 27 years, women inside Iran have been fighting for their legal, economic and cultural rights. They have been exposed to punishments such as flogging, stoning, imprisonment, torture and execution. Yet, they never gave up their rights, and they remain steadfast in their struggle.

On International women’s day this year – 8th of March 2006– we have the opportunity to show our solidarity with the struggles of Iranian women. We will transform this day into a day of manifestation against the misogynist system of Iran’s Islamic Republic, by staging a massive protest march, in opposition to the unjust laws in Iran. The march will start on the 4th of March in Frankfurt and end on the 8th of March at the International Court of Justice at Hague. This will symbolic action will show our solidarity with the women of Iran.

If you cannot participate in the march you can help by making a donation;

March 8th committee of women

INT.Bank Account Number:

DE 89 5135 00 25 0227 0169 39


Mark: ”Women’s march”.

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