xy: barbati, masculinitati si politici de gen

am mai mentionat site-ul XY: men, masculinities, and gender politics. este excelent in general si toate articolele de-acolo ar trebui citite de toti, dar citeva texte afisate recent merita recomandari speciale:

  • “Won’t Believe the Hype” (Word)
    Bryan Proffitt outlines the ongoing struggle against sexual violence.
  • “Men As Partners In Primary Sexual Violence Prevention” (Word)
    Brad Perry explores the work of male allies in primary prevention with sexual assault crisis centers.
  • “Changing Men: Best practice in sexual violence education” (PDF)
    A review of what works and doesn’t work in violence prevention education with men, focused on educational strategies which are face-to-face.
  • What men can do to stop sexism and male violence (Word)
    A collection of lists and guides, compiled by Michael Flood.
  • “Gay Patriarchy” (PDF)
    Gay men didn’t escape patriarchal male conditioning.
  • “Feminist. Man. Feminist man.” (Word)
    By Alankaar Sharma.
  • “An Open Letter to Gentlemen” (Word)
    On behalf of feminists, Erica Little-Heron offers some simple truths for men.