UK: Defending secular spaces

Posted on August 6, 2008
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by Pragna Patel, chair of Southall Black Sisters and a member of Women Against Fundamentalism

In the rush to be tolerant or sensitive to religious difference, the space is created for the most reactionary and even fundamentalist religious leaders to take control

On 18th July 2008 at the High Court, Southall Black Sisters (SBS) won an important legal challenge affirming its right to exist and continue its work. At stake was a decision by Ealing Council to withdraw funding from SBS – the only specialist provider of domestic violence services to black and minority women in Ealing – under the guise of developing a single generic service for all women in the borough.

The council sought to justify its decision on the grounds of ‘equality’, ‘cohesion’ and ‘diversity’. It argued that the very existence of groups like SBS – the name and constitution – was unlawful under the Race Relations Act because it excluded white women and was therefore discriminatory and divisive!

Procedura avortului, in cazul minorelor sub 15 ani

(en: “Romania to Allow Girls Under Age 15 to Have Abortions Up to 24 Weeks”)

24 Iulie 2008

Ministerul Sanatatii Publice a elaborat un proiect de Ordin privind aprobarea procedurilor de interventie in situatia constatarii sarcinii in evolutie la minore care nu au implinit varsta de 15 ani.

Potrivit proiectului de Ordin, lansat deja in dezbatere publica, “orice sarcina survenita la o minora care nu a implinit varsta de 15 ani este considerata sarcina cu risc obstetrical inalt, a carei supraveghere va fi in responsabilitatea medicului de specialitate obstetrica-ginecologie, din momentul depistarii acesteia.”

Propunerea Ministerului Sanatatii stabileste procedura intreruperii de sarcina, in cazul minorelor sub 15 ani, atat in situatia in care sarcina nu a depasit 14 saptamani de gestatie, cat si in situatia in care sarcina a depasit aceasta perioada.

Intreruperea sarcinii va putea fi posibila pana la cel mult 24 de saptamani de gestatie.

Proiectul de ordin prevede si proceduri de consiliere psihologica si juridica, inainte de intreruperea sarcinii.

Totodata, medicul de specialitate obstetrica-ginecologie caruia i se solicita efectuarea unei intreruperi a cursului unei sarcini va fi obligat sa realizeze informarea medicala a reprezentantului legal si a minorei privind alternativele intreruperii de sarcina, sprijinul pe care femeile gravide il pot primi, tehnicile de efectuare a intreruperii de sarcina, riscurile potentiale, precum si complicatiile si sechelele care pot aparea.

Intreruperea de sarcina se va efectua doar cu acordul informat al reprezentantului legal, ascultand si opinia minorei.


Proiectul de Ordin al Ministerului Sanatatii poate fi vizualizat integral, aici.