a link re: the intersection of sexism and speciesism

donnEanimali [en] / it / fr

Women and non-human animals: objects of oppression, subjects of liberation.

so far, the site (which is italian) hosts only a mission statement, a declaration in support of the mobilization of the 24th of november 2007 against violence towards women, a declaration in support of the mobilization of the 8th of march 2008, and a list of “friendly sites.” hopefully there will be more content in the future, but it’s still a pretty good read/start.

more on the general subject here [ro] and here, here, here, here or here [en]

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“Feminist Media Reconsidered: An Interview with make/shift

… It’s about making – making media, making change, making communities, making movements, making art, and making shifts – shifting power, shifting paradigms, shifting society. And it’s about doing it with what you’ve got, in a non-institutional, resourceful, do-it-yourself makeshift way.

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