Eclectic Tech Carnival – about

Eclectic Tech Carnival 2006, a carnival of exchanging
computer-related skills, ideas and art. By women and for women.
/etc2006, 4-8 September, Timisoara, Romania

Since 2001, the network of women who help organize the
Eclectic Tech Carnival or /etc has grown both far and wide.
We are geographically some-what diverse and we have varied
experiences and expertise in computing, technology, art
and activism. We are an eclectic bunch. Since the northern
summer of 2002, we (or some subset there of) have successfully organized an annual Eclectic Tech Carnival.

To connect, to network in real life. The global village
has come at the price of community. We are interested in
tech things and like to play with it. We know there are
other women who are also interested. There is little
opportunity for us to get together. And there is even
less open space for women to learn new skills. It is
especially hard for those with little resources to make
a start.
We want to change that!
We want to help women feel confident enough to ‘hack’
their own way into northern and male domination of digital
We can do it!
We want to help women learn to use Free/Libre and
Open Source Software.

Why the name /etc?
Well, /etc is a directory of the linux file system. In
this directory called /etc (short for etcetera) are all
the important configuration files for your computer and
its networking (hostname, hosts, networks). We asked
ourselves, “If we were part of the linux file system,
what would we be?” The /etc directory seemed the best
place for a carnival of ideas and then the name Eclectic
Tech Carnival or /etc for short was born.

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The Traveling Zines

Mihaela si geamantanul

Colectia de zine care a fost adunata pana acuma a fost scanata, merci Elena, urmeaza sa fie tradusa in romana (o parte din texte). Am construit un blog pentru zine, si o pagina pe, unde se poate comenta, discuta, lua legatura, ar mai trebui adaugat un text despre istoria zinelor in general, riot girls, in romana.

Zinele ar trebui sa se plimbe intre grupuri de prieteni, sa ajunga la cat mai multe persoane. Blogul este un fel de inventar a ceea ce este si pe unde este, plus cateva referinte legate de istoria si continutul lor… Cineva sugera sa le copiem ca sa nu fie distruse, cred ca putem face si asta.

Momentan zinele calatoare vor merge cu mine la Timisoara la Eclectic Tech Carnival. De la Arad voi mai adauga cateva care ma asteapta acolo. Trebuie sa facem rost de un geamantan solid. ;)