extended deadline : Feminist strategies for change – Interface journal call for activist contributions

Feminist strategies for change: activist debate
Interface journal call for contributions (extended deadline – September 1st 2011)

In the heyday of the second women’s movement, feminist utopias and strategies for a world without patriarchy were the stuff of lively debate and defined different kinds of feminist politics and theory. In the grey light of 2011 – the darkness before the dawn? – is it still possible to imagine a post-patriarchal society? Can we imagine what kinds of feminist revolution or transformation might make this possible? And what sorts of everyday collective practice can social movements engage in to bring such a future closer?

Interface: a journal for and about social movements < +http://interfacejournal.net> is produced by activists with an eye to theory and social movement researchers as a practitioner journal for people engaged in or studying the practice of social movement, and aiming to stimulate discussion and learning between people in different regions and continents, different
political situations and theoretical traditions, and different movement contexts. After issues on movement knowledge, civil society, revolutions, activist media and repression, we are now working on an issue devoted to feminism, women’s movements and women in movement.

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