i wanna be arrogant!

it’s been some time now, but in january i read a post here that made reference to yet another blog post here

to be less mysterious, the whole discussion arose when Clay Shirky wrote a rant about women not being self-promoting, arrogant or jerky enough in pretty much those exact words.

this isn’t a new topic for anyone who’s thought about the way they view themselves, about the way children are socialized, etc. nonetheless quite a few interesting more or less formal texts were written as a result of this spark.

even though it’s about half a year late i wanted to offer it up here for discussion purposes because it’s something i’ve spent quite a lot of time thinking about as well as discussing with both male and female friends…

to begin again:

initial clay shirky post

i first read about it here

further texts


should we encourage self-promotion and lies @plasticbag.org

questioning the merit of meritocracy @geekfeminism.org

a rant about socialization @salon.com