de ce are nevoie feminismul?

numarul din vara 2006 al jurnalului pentru studiul religiilor si ideologiilor:

What Does Feminism Need? Challenges and Developments in Gender Studies

din cuprins:

• Gender Policies in Romania: from Infrastructure to Action
• The woman in the communist regime. Meta – analysis about a gender study
• The Gender Sterotype Threat And The Academic Performance Of Women’s University Teaching Staff
• Perceptia discriminarii de gen la nivelul populatiei educate tinere din Romania – o abordare cantitativa (The Perception of Gender Discrimination at the Level of Young Educated Romanians – A Quantitative Approach)
• Diferenta dintre genuri in alocarea timpului liber in Romania (Gender Difference in Allotting Leisure Time in Romania)
• Expresii si reprezentari sociale ale femininului in practicile divinatorii (Expressions and Social Representations of the Feminine in Divination Practice)
• Who’s Afraid of Feminism in Romania? Misconceptions, prejudices, stereotypes
• Media and gender: Constructing feminine identities in a postmodern culture
• Words and Women. An eligible bachelor vs. an eligible spinster
• Sexual Harassment at the Workplace: Converging Ideologies
• Contributii si limite ale feminismului in asistenta sociala (Contributions and Limitations of Feminism in Social Work)

• An Overview of Political Torture in the Twentieth Century

un numar mai vechi din jurnal: Gen si/in Ideologii

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