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Timisoara, 03.11.2008.

Dear colleague and friend,

The Association of Gypsy Women ‘For Our Children’ from Timisoara and of Foundation Desire from Cluj, Romania, launches a new journal, entitled European Roma Women’s Magazine. This became possible due to the financial support of the Open Society Foundation’s Roma Participation Program.

The magazine will be published once in a year in English with Romani abstracts. We prepare and print out its first issue by the end of March 2009 (collecting its articles by the end of January 2009).

Our Magazine addresses the complex and complicated issue of “Roma women” at the intersection of their geopolitical position, ethnicity, social and economic status and age with the aim to represent the socio-cultural diversity of the European Roma women, seen in their immediate communities, and in the context of their relationship with both Roma men and non-Roma women. Crucial for us is the understanding of how they are subjected to multiple and intersectional discrimination, but also how they are acting as powerful agencies by fighting for the enhancement of the society within which they live, and for the changing into better the condition of their own, but as well as of other subordinated and disadvantaged social categories.

We are planning to publish in our Magazine writings of different genres, produced by Roma and non-Roma women and men. Scientific analysis of 15-20 pages, essays of 3-5 pages, shorter articles presenting different associations and organizations involving Roma women from Europe and projects related to our subject, book reviews, but as well as brief announcements regarding upcoming events (conferences, festivals, seminars etc.), information on future plans, search for partnerships, publications or on other concerns. By this our aim is to support the networking across Europe among activists and academics committed to our joint cause.

Please send us your contribution to the first issue by the end of January 2009. This first issue, whose special topic – “Roma women for social change across Europe” – might offer to the readers a first overview on the main aspects and results of the European Roma women activism and of the socio-cultural research about Romni.

Waiting for your kind reply,

Sincerely yours,
The founding editors of the ERWM

Letitia Mark
President, Association of Gypsy Women ‘For Our Children’


Enikő Magyari-Vincze
President, Foundation Desire

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