Postgraduate Course in Dubrovnik: Feminist Critical Analysis: Race, Discourse, Biopolitics

Postgraduate Course in Dubrovnik
Feminist Critical Analysis: Race, Discourse, Biopolitics


May , 21st – 25th 2007

Call for Proposals

Rutgers (State University of New Jersey) Women’s and Gender Studies
Department and Belgrade Women’s Studies and Gender Research Center,
Belgrade University are pleased to announce the 8th annual postgraduate course in Feminist Critical Analysis: Race, Discourse, Biopolitics. The course will be held at the Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik ( on May 21st – 25th, 2007. The course will be co-directed by Dasa Duhacek of the Belgrade Women´s Studies, Belgrade Universirty and Ethel Brooks of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department, Rutgers University.


How is race produced? This seminar will explore the discursive, material
and biopolitical formations that go into the production of race as a
concept, identity and practice. We will examine the production of race
by, first, problematizing its naturalness and its definitive link to
particular bodies, geographies or identities, and, second, by focusing on
its production and reproduction through the practices and discourses of
governmentality, on the one hand, and biopolitical mappings, on the other.
What engagements has critical feminist scholarship had with the question
of race? In what ways do such engagements need to be pushed further?

We will engage sites of race, racialization, racism and the production of
raced bodies in their specific intersections of gender, class, sex,
sexuality, citizenship and religion. What is the relationship of race not
only to discourse and biopolitics, but to family formations, borderlands,
diasporas, communities, cityspaces and local-global formations?

The seminar will focus on race, racializations and racial formations from
a feminist perspective. We will interrogate comparative practices and
notions of race, discourse and biopolitics to understand how race and
racialization are constantly produced through the practices of gender,
sexuality, class, locality, history and transnationality.

The course is built upon the assumption that intellectual dialogue among a
diverse body of scholars from different geographical locations will result
in a better understanding of the ways in which our particular locations
are influencing our own theoretical and political choices. The course
usually attracts about 25-30 students from different European countries.
The participating faculty are drawn from several different European and US
universities. Daily seminars take place in two 3-4 hours sessions a day.
All meetings are conducted in English.


IUC courses are conducted at a postgraduate level. All postgraduate
students interested in the topic may apply for participation.
Participants should seek funds from their own institutions to cover travel
and accommodation costs. Limited financial support is available for
participants from Central and Eastern Europe.


A short narrative explaining your interest in the topic and your C.V.
with your current contact information should be submitted by e-mail by
February 2, 2007. Submissions will be reviewed by the Feminist Critical
Analysis Selection Committee. Awards will be announced in mid-February.

Please submit applications to Ethel Brooks

with Dubrovnik 2007 in the subject heading.

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