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“free to rock out”No fires at these summer camps for girls, but plenty of guitars, drums, keyboards and a whole lot of ambition.

un interviu cu katha pollitt despre feminisme (“‘Strident’ and proud”: Columnist Katha Pollitt blasts feminism’s new timidity and says, “This ‘girls just want to have fun’ feminism is a very shallow approach to life.)
+ un video in care “katha pollitt issues a challenge to the christian right”

“abortion is a basic human right”A doctor who was tortured for giving medical aid to Guatemalan rebels says a woman’s right to end her pregnancy must be considered an international human right.

“give me that old-time feminism”While Muslim women are being stuffed into burkas, American post-feminists are trying to stuff their feet into stilettos.

“climate change is a women’s issue”Some women’s advocates are demanding that new climate policies address the different ways men and women will be affected by global warming..

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