tech books for mother’s day

a woman’s interesting initiative, resulting in a different kind of mother’s day promotion:

Women in Tech Rock! Join our Mother’s Day Celebration: Give a Tech Book & Get 40% Off

Twitterer HilaryP is a developer, a technical evangelist, and the pregnant mommy of a toddler. And though she likes girly things like yoga and beauty products as much as the next gal she was also looking for a Mother’s Day discount that appealed to her geeky desires. Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media agreed.

via anna, imc-women list

one can only hope that one day “girly” (“womanly”?) will mean as much “technical”/”tech book loving” as “yoga-loving” and “beauty-product loving”… and this type of thing may certainly help! though let’s hope that we’ll work on what “manly” (“boyish”?) means in people’s imaginations (and what we see around us), too.

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