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AnyBodya website giving women a voice to challenge the limited physical representation of females in contemporary society

: Everywhere girls and women look, they see messages about their bodies and their selves, telling them they must be tall, blonde, tan, and sexually available. In fact, a woman can rarely separate her feelings about her physical body from her self-worth, especially in our media-saturated society. And the messages even the youngest girls are seeing and hearing are skewed, sexualized, and sexist.
These messages — part of what About-Face calls the “toxic media environment” — are contributing to a host of girls’ and women’s ills, including low self-esteem, depression, persistent anxiety over weight and appearance, extremely unhealthy diets and exercise regimens, and eating disorders. All of these problems interfere with a woman’s ability to function to the best of her abilities.
About-Face’s mission is to equip women and girls with tools to understand and resist the harmful stereotypes of women the media disseminates. There are three components to About-Face’s program, Education into Action: media-literacy workshops, action groups, and this resource-filled web site. ….

“girl for all seasons”, northern state

song lyrics

“a girl like me”, short documentary by kiri davis

“video”, india.arie

song lyrics

“typical girls”, a documentary film on women in (punk) rock:
“Women were finally seen as equal in the punk movement. If you could pick up a guitar and play it – great. If you could sing and form your own band, even better. Women were finally getting a voice and not just as backing singers. We look at the women who rocked and discuss the great female punk performers – Siouxsie, The Slits, Pauline Murray, Poly Styrene, Debbie Harry and the seminal Patti Smith – and find out how true the idea that punk emancipated women from rock’s macho posturing really is.” – part 3, on poly styrene, riot grrrl, and images of women and femininity in music today:

the butchies modeling for a photo shoot (kaia’s shirt says “PRADA”) :)

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