and another intersection to consider: dairy is a feminist issue

“dairy is a feminist issue.” @ vegina
via The Vegan Police

Feminism brought me to a place where I could begin to think about embracing veganism as a necessary part of an ethic of social justice. Feminist ideology, a reading of Carol Adams’ The Sexual Politics of Meat and visiting a small family dairy allowed me the pull I needed to abandon my “pescatarianism” for veganism. Veganism is an ethic of (non)consumption that most closely reflects my feminist ideology. It is one way in which I can make a simple choice every time I eat that is overtly political in its message. Veganism is a daily practice that reflects an ethic of care and compassion and equality that is often lacking among humans. Veganism has also allowed me the ability to acknowledge that the oppression of non-human animals and women are mutually reinforcing.

I see a lot of my feminist nightmares played out on female-bodied individuals who are exploited by the […] dairy industry …

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