nimic nou

cum spuneam intr-un post mai vechi la care tocmai am facut referire aici, de multe ori chiar in cazurile cele mai extreme barbatii care comit crime misogine sint… intelesi. cine poarta vina pentru aceste crime? tot femeile:

You can say many things about the double murderer Levi Bellfield, but you could never suggest that this was a man who kept his rampant, violent misogyny a secret. … The past week has brought us not one, but three horrific cases of misogyny-inspired murders, which have ended in the convictions of Bellfield, Mark Dixie and Steve Wright. In each case, what comes through most strongly is just how open, violent and persistent the killer’s misogyny was, and how they were allowed to indulge it, and even boast of it, for years. … In all three of these murder cases, the men had been violent towards one or more of their partners in the past. … Given the litany of violence carried out by each of these men, how did they stay free to attack women for so long? Why didn’t their partners go to the police and complain that these men were vicious wife-beaters? … And for anyone looking for more evidence of misogyny, just consider who is being blamed for these murders: their mothers. …

“How could it happen again?” (27.2.08, The Guardian)

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