women in the city – plenty

Barbara Kruger, “Plenty”

Women in the City

“Women in the City” is a viral public art exhibition spread throughout the streets of Los Angeles that will start in February 2008.

The work of four seminal women artists, who began to emerge on the international art scene at the beginning of the ’80s within the feminist movement, will penetrate the urban and social geography of the city.

Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Louise Lawler and Cindy Sherman disseminate their work in various locations in on-the-road billboards, video screens, storefronts, a movie theater and even propagation through widely distributed stickers.

Why “Women in the City”? One of the fundamental achievements of the historical feminist movement was the appropriation of the streets: thousands of women were invading the cities of the western world fighting for their rights. Now that those rights have been asserted and women have begun to fully permeate and influence politics, culture and the art system, “Women in the City” can showcase the art of women in empowered position.

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