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LADYFEST TIMISOARA 2005 will take place during the weekend of MAY 20-22, over three days of concerts, workshops, discussions, open mic, films, exhibitions and other activities.

Ladyfest Timisoara is a non-profit festival organized by volunteers - most of them women - to encourage women's artistic expression and share ideas through music, spoken word, performance, film and video, exhibitions, panels and workshops. The events are focused mainly on showcasing the talent of women and girls, but they are open to all. The festival does not wish to promote a separatist attitude ("girls against boys"), but simply to make it easier for young women to have the courage to follow their creative instincts and to show them that their projects are being supported by their communities.

The idea of "Ladyfest" saw the light of day in Olympia, US, in 2000. It has since developed into an international cultural festival, operating in many different countries in Europe and across the US. Ladyfest Timisoara 2005 is the first such event in Romania.

Ladyfest Timisoara aims to be a unique, brilliant and diverse festival that presents to the public some of the most innovative female artists from the underground, women who are all concerned with providing an alternative perception of women from that found in mainstream culture, and who turn the concept of gender upside down. Through such a venue for women artists, the organizers intend to contribute to addressing and countering the obstacles and discrimination that women face so often, such as sexism, homophobia and racism. For this purpose, besides concerts, exhibitions, films and various other performances, the program will include open discussions as well as workshops that will encourage a D.I.Y. (do it yourself), hands-on approach to action and skill sharing.

Ultimately, Ladyfest Timisoara 2005 hopes to inspire women everywhere to organize themselves and their communities and to create similar spaces that allow women and their creativity to be seen and heard - with the belief that political action can be fun and creative!

The festival will take place at "Eminescu Pool," Vasile Parvan Boulevard, Timisoara.

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